Caswell Music Works is a full-service music instrument repair, modification and restoration facility. We do everything from individual family heirloom instruments to entire school band inventories. We have a mobile workshop so we can come to the school and take care of your immediate repair needs or we can take the whole inventory back to the main shop.


No Matter The Damage, We Can Repair It!

Before We Repaired It
After We Repaired It

Information about the most common type of repairs for brass, woodwind and electronic instruments, our shop rates and a general idea of the price range for different levels of repair.

Can’t come to us? Our Mobile Repair shop will travel to you!

Design & Manufacturing

We design and create unique tools for the music industry: reed knives, horn mutes, and sound reflectors. We also modify instruments when a customer needs a change to the instrument to make it easier to play.

Music Education

We developed a COVID cleaning, sanitizing and repair procedure that school bands in southern Alberta have made use of.  We also offer tips for taking better care of your instrument.

Science Research

Daryl has done many years of research in music acoustics at the University of Calgary focusing on combining scientific and artistic knowledge about music performance.